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Why am I running for office?

I was heartsick watching the list of small businesses closing and the number of unemployment claims skyrocketing while the Democrats in Olympia went to work raising taxes and fees while neutralizing our justice system.

I have lived in the 4th legislative district for 24 years. My children and now my grandchildren have attended schools in the CVSD. After decades of working with small businesses and workers, helping them navigate complicated government systems, I feel we can do better as a state to empower small businesses and workers to be successful. It is time to end ruling by executive order and give the power back to the people.

What qualifies me?

As a daughter of a small business owner and having spent decades representing small businesses and their employees, I know first-hand how hard it is to start a business and to stay in business. As a representative of the people, I will fight for free enterprise and protect small businesses from the overreaching government. I will be ready on Day One to fight for families and small businesses. I have advocated for policies that help businesses and workers, so I understand the impact policies have on families and individuals in the 4th District. 


What are my top issues?

Suzanne has worked for decades helping businesses and workers navigate complicated government systems. This is where experience matters! After years of representing businesses in areas such as unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, safety compliance, and much more, Suzanne knows we can do better as a state to empower small businesses and workers to help everyone succeed. Suzanne has been a member of the Republican Party for over 30 years. She will uphold the Constitution of the United States and fight to protect our First and Second Amendment Rights. Suzanne stands on the pillars of the GOP!

Suzanne has lived in the 4th Legislative District for 24 years. Her children and now grandchildren have attended schools in the Central Valley School District. While the cost of everything is rising, from childcare to a tank of gas, to housing and groceries, our State has more money than ever before. Suzanne believes we should be cutting taxes to give relief for hard working families. Suzanne will fight for local control of our tax dollars to ensure the best return for working families.

As the daughter of a small business owner Suzanne will fight for small businesses and workforce development opportunities, like apprenticeship programs, vocational schools and community colleges.

Suzanne will fight for free enterprise and protect small businesses from overreaching, runaway government.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Suzanne will support our law enforcement officers and will fight to bring accountability back to our justice system in order to keep our community safe. She will use this experience to make government work better for people in the 4th and help people get connected to the services they need.